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Hey, I'm Patrick. I use empathy, creativity, and nerdery to find and solve a wide array of business problems. For ethical teams that put people over profit. Read on to see how I can help your organization... and then contact me. If you want to.


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The scientific method. +
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Anthony Ongaro

Dude, you're like a highly skilled ninja assassin operative creator coder. One of the smartest people I know. It's crazy how fast you can build stuff. I really appreciate your help.

Anthony Ongaro


UI/UX Designer +
Full-Stack Developer +
Machine Learning Engineer +
Conversion Rate Specialist +
Copywriter +
Search Engine Optimizer +
Capers Rumph

Patrick is an actual ray of actual light. His energy, enthusiasm, openness, thoughtfulness, and inquisitive nature are exemplary.

Capers Rumph


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