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Hey, I'm Patrick, a pragmatic egalitarian - and situational goofball - who likes to leverage his diverse tech skills for social good. This is the website I use to land new freelance work. But I'm not taking new clients right now, so... 🤷‍♂️

This is me pretending to wait for your call. Probably don't hire me for my videography or acting skills.


While I know how to code, design, and copywrite… these are only tools. What excites me is solving problems. Connecting dots. Building bridges. It’s my job not just to dream, but to create pathways to reality. When we work together you get:

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Anthony Ongaro

Dude, you're like a highly skilled ninja assassin operative creator coder. One of the smartest people I know. It's crazy how fast you can build stuff. I really appreciate your help.

Anthony Ongaro


I’m a multi-trick pony. A Patrick Of All Trades. If you have a software problem - regardless of discipline, technology, or scope - chances are I can tackle it.

Since receiving my B.S. in Computer Science in 2009 I’ve had 11 years of professional experience spanning the following roles:

Full-Stack Developer +
Machine Learning Engineer +
UI/UX Designer +
Conversion Rate Specialist +
Copywriter +
Search Engine Optimizer +

Check out my portfolio to see these skills in action. 'Cuz showing is better than telling.

Capers Rumph

Patrick is an actual ray of actual light. His energy, enthusiasm, openness, thoughtfulness, and inquisitive nature are exemplary.

Capers Rumph

Costs and Details

For contract work, I charge $140 per hour after a free consultation. For w2 work, we can figure something out.

I’m not taking new clients right now. Email me and I’m happy to hop on a free strategy call and point you in the right direction… but my plate is full and I’m not seeking ongoing work.

Discounted and Pro bono work. +
Working for equity. +

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